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How to Create A Bio Page in New Zenler Using Canva


Dynamic and interactive websites always stand out. Creating these vibrant, dynamic pages for your website can be a bit challenging. Especially once the first version is published, updating it once something changes might take some effort and also could be a hit on the SEO of that page.

On a platform like New Zenler, it is really easy to edit and modify page designs with its very easy-to-use drag and drop designer. But, there is a much easier and more creative way of doing this in Canva. Let us see how to embed a Canva design in your New Zenler School.

For the tutorial, we are going to create a clickable link-tree design on Canva and embed it in your New Zenler school. Let us see the steps for this.our text here...

Creating the design on Canva

Step 1: Log in to your Canva account and click on the Create Design button at the top right corner.

Log in to your Canva account and click on the Create Design button at the top right corner.

Step 2: Search for Bio Link Website for the design type and click on it.

We are using this design type to get good pre-designed templates from Canva. You can choose any size design and resize it later.

Step 3: Select a suitable design from the templates or you can create one on your own from scratch. You can modify the template to match your New Zenler school branding.

Select a tenplate from Canva

Step 4: Add links to the text/boxes. 

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add links

Step 5: Once you have all the text and icons linked properly to appropriate pages, click on the three dots option at the top right corner and select the Embed option.

canva get embed code

Step 6: Copy the HTML embed code.

Canva copy code

Now we have created a design on Canva and copied its embed code. The next part is to embed it in your New Zenler school. Follow the steps below to set it up correctly.

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Add embed design to New Zenler School.

Step 1: Open the page where you want to embed it in editor mode or create a new page from scratch.

NZ add page

Step 2: Add a Custom HTML block.

NZ add HTML block

Step 3: Open the settings for the HTML block to edit its contents and paste the Canva code in there.

NZ  change HTML content

Step 4: That's it. Done. You can preview it by clicking Save and then Preview.

NZ preview

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Now if you make any changes in the design in Canva, that change will be reflected in New Zenler as well. You don't have to change it in NEw Zenler, it will be dynamically pulled from Canva.

You can add this design to the course curriculum as well in order to do that, all you need to do is add a Custom HTML block to the lesson and then paste the Canva HTML code there. Here is how it would look in the course player.

Embed in course player

The main advantage of doing this is you can easily update the content and not worry about changing anything on New Zenler. Updating in Canva is really simple, easy, and fast.
This technique can also be used to show events and live classes which are configured outside of New Zenler.


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