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How to set up your school branding in New Zenler


What is a brand?

According to Wikipedia, A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. 

The term brand will uniquely identify your business. Branding is the process of defining your brand. A brand’s definition generally contains a logo, a brand name and if the business is digital and has a website, the fonts and the theme colours of the website are also part of the brand. 

The brand definition is maintained across the different components of the business like its website, Ads, emails, etc.

How to set up your school branding in New Zenler?

Lucky for us, New Zenler has a separate Branding section. All the settings can be changed at one single place and it will automatically update along all pages

To access the branding section, 

Step 1: Go to the Admin Dashboard of your New Zenler Site and click on “Site ” from the top menu.

Step 2: On the next page, select “Branding” from the left menu, and Voila! you are now at the branding section of your New Zenler School.

Go to Admin Dashboard and Click site from the top and click branding from the left

We have a range of options available here to change, so let us look at it one by one.

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Main Components of Branding in New Zenler

New Zenler, as a website builder has full capability to design, build, and run a website. It has a separate branding section where you can define your brand. Some of the main components of branding are:

1. Logo

You can add your Logo to New Zenler and it will automatically apply it to the header of all the pages and posts in your New Zenler school.

Designing and creating a logo can be a tedious task. I hated it until I found some easy and free tools on the internet. 

Canva and Namecheap Logo Maker are one of the best places where you, yes you, can get started on designing a logo for your website. 

These tools are very straightforward and easy to use. Go ahead and try them out. If you are still in need of someone to help you out with your logos, I can help you out. Get to my Fiverr and let's collaborate!

Click on the upload button below the logo placeholder

Click on the "Upload" button below the logo placeholder to select and upload the logo file from your Computer. Once it is uploaded, the logo will be dynamically used across all the pages in New Zenler.

2. Favicon

A Favicon is an even smaller image to represent your business. It is shown mainly near the title on a browser. One need not have a Logo and a Favicon separately, these can be the same. See the image below to see how a Favicon looks in Google Chrome

Favicon Appears to the left of the Page title in Chrome

Similar to the logo, you can click on the upload button near the Favicon placeholder in New Zenler to select and upload the file.

Click on the upload button near the Favicon to upload the file

If you want to generate a Favicon from an existing image or logo, This is a great place.

3. Fonts

The third component of branding in New Zenler is the Fonts you use on your School pages. This is really important and also applied uniformly across all the pages in your New Zenler School.

Fonts are selected as pairs. There will be the main font type which is used by the headings and a second type for the body or text. By default, New Zenler has a selection of font pairs that can be applied. However, if you want to use your own choice of fonts for the heading and body, you can do that by selecting them manually.

Select the font family from New Zenler or choose your own Font pairs

If you have questions in your mind like which fonts to use or if the fonts are suitable for your website layout, check out Google Fonts. In google fonts, you can try and test different fonts and see how they would look. 

With Google fonts, selecting the font pairs is much easier as you can see how it looks. 

If you want to know more about selecting fonts for your website, here is an on 7 Things To Remember When Selecting Fonts by Nick Babich.

There is an option to select the course player font family, this selection is applied to the course player where the course contents are displayed.

Some websites use a third type of font just for all the buttons and CTAs, in New Zenler you cannot define them under branding. You can manually select the font for the buttons and CTAs while designing the pages in the editor.

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4. Colours

The final component of branding in New Zenler is the colors for your website, blog, and course player.

While selecting the colors for your school you should be careful as this is the main thing that affects the visual memory of your potential customers or students.

The colors should be attractive and appealing.

Select the Colours from the options below

There are options to select the colors for the header, footer, course player, body, community, and blog. I would suggest you select 3 colors

  • Primary Colour
  • Secondary Colour
  • Special Colour

The primary and secondary colors can be used as the background and body alternatively and the special color can be used for all the buttons and CTAs.

You can check out how different colors match with each other by creating color palettes as shown in the images below with different colors on Canva or and select the palette suitable for your school.

Colour Palatte Generated by

Once you set all the different branding definitions, Don’t forget to apply it by clicking the blue “save” button at each section.

That’s it! 

You have completed the first and foremost step towards your journey on New Zenler by successfully setting up the branding for your New Zenler School. 


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