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How to use scarcity during course launch using NewZenler


An ideal course launch is expected to have a strong positive impact on the audience. The audience should feel like it is meant to them and they have to take action right away. Let us see how we can use scarcity during course launch using New Zenler so that the audience has less time to have second thoughts about enrolling.

Scarcity itself refers to "lack of something" or there is just limited stuff available. Brands do this all the time when they launch their products. Popular companies often create "Special Editions" of their products which would be available in limited quantities for the public to purchase. As a course creator, during your course launch, you can create scarcity in two main ways, one limits the time, and the other limits the number of enrolments.

 Let us check out all the possible ways to implement it in New Zenler.

Creating count down timers on the sales page

There is always an urgency when the clock is ticking. Adding a countdown timer to your sales page in New Zenler is one way to create an urgency for people who visit the page. So people who visit will be greeted by a special discount offer that would expire in a few days and the offer time is displayed as a timer that counts down the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds till the offer's validity. 

Let us see how you can add a coupon code for the offer and a count-down timer for that.

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard and from the top menu, select "Courses" and then select Coupons from the left side menu.

go to site and courses and coupons and create coupons

Step 2: Click on "Create Coupon", which will open the Coupon creation page where you can set the discount amount (or percentage), its validity, the coupon code, etc. Plus you can have the coupon set for all your products or some specific products.

create coupon and click add

Step 3: Once you set up the coupon, copy the coupon code. We are gonna add it to the sales page beside the timer.

Step 4: Open your sales page in editor mode and select a suitable place to add the count-down timer.

Step 5: A count-down timer element is available on New Zenler, you can directly add it to the bottom of any existing element in New Zenler.

select countdown timer

Step 6: Once you see a count-down timer on the sales page, open its settings to edit the deadline, modify its style, label, etc.

edit timer settings

Step7: If you want to redirect to another page once the count-down expires, you can add the link to that page in the settings as well.

Step 8: The last thing is to add a text above/below the timer and mention the coupon code, which is going to expire once the count-down timer ends. You can format this text according to your school's branding, but here is an example of a functional count-down timer.

timer on the page

Using Validity on a Pricing Plan.

This method usually goes hand in hand with the count-down timer. Here we are adding validity to a pricing plan and it expires on a deadline. This is set up in the pricing plans of your course in New Zener. Let us see how you can add validity to a pricing plan.

Step 1: Go to courses and select the course on which you want to introduce the validity.

validity edit pricing plan

Step 2: Go to the pricing tab and select the plan in which you want to set up the validity option.

create coupon and click add

Step 3: In the pricing plan edit mode, at the bottom, you find the "Set Availability" option, you can enable it and select the start and end date for the plan.

That's it! Now people can only get the course through this plan in the defined timeline. Ideally for it to be effective, it is better to add both validity on the pricing plans and a count-down timer on the sales page/ landing page so that you get the advantage of the ticking clock as well.

The third option for a course launch is to set up a video series funnel and at the end of the funnel, offer your course with a special discount. Let us check out how you can set this up.

Launching Through a Video Series Funnel.

We all love free stuff. Imagine getting a Tesla for free. That might not happen in the ideal world, but it did happen in my dreams many times. Some days even Elon gave it to me by himself... Coming back to the point, instead of doing a simple one-time course launch you could do it many days through a video series.

video series funnel

In a video series, you offer a series of videos for people to watch and gain their interest in the course and after the final video, you offer them the course at a discount price. This way you get their emails as they have to opt-in to watch the first video in the funnel. And if they did not get the course after going through the free videos, you can later send them email broadcasts to re-gain their interest and offer again. There are tons of possibilities if you have an email list, so that would be ideal to do.

Here is a tutorial on how to set up a video series funnel.

To summarise, scarcity is one of the main marketing components that brands use to generate more sales. As course creators using New Zenler, you can create scarcity for your course with the above three methods. Even though each method is effective in its way, it is better to use all three methods together while you launch your course. 

For example, it starts with a video series funnel, then when they complete the last video in the series, they will be taken to an offer page where they will find a count-down timer on the offer, and also at the back-end the pricing plan will have validity so that everything works together as a system.


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