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Pricing comparison between New Zenler and Kajabi


New Zenler vs Kajabi

New Zenler is the new trending platform to host your online courses and digital products. It's attractive pricing plans and the features it offers with it makes it a good choice for some one entering into the world of online courses and training. One of its competitors in the world of online courses is Kajabi. 

Kajabi has been around since 2010 and definitely has evolved ever since. It is one of the most popular platforms for online course creators. But it definitely has its Pros and Cons, which we will be taking a look at.

New Zenler, founded by Rakesh Vallil is a fairly new addition into the world of online courses. There was the "old" Zenler, which had its fair contribution to the community of course creators but could not hold up when it came to what the competition offers. However New Zenler as the name suggests is the updated version which is really a game changer for someone who is about to enter the world of online teaching.

New Zenler is really an all in one platform. It has almost everything a person might require to get in the game and even win the game. it has a dedicated website builder, course creation tool, marketing funnels tool, payments, reports, Live sessions and every other feature that one require.

They have a strong community of users and developers who are constantly working to make the platform and the experience better.

Budget might be one of the most important component if you are starting out as a course creator or a business and New Zenler is the cheapest option out there with it's attractive 647$ an year price plan which beats the entire competition when it comes to the price.

New Zenler Pricing

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Kajabi, when compared to New Zenler, does not have the upper hand when it comes to pricing. It is priced at a higher $1908 per year for the intermediate plan and if you go for the basic plan, it still costs around $1100 an year.

The good thing about Kajabi is it is really smooth when it comes to the software, being in the game for over a decade. it has seen significant updates which makes it almost bug free and easy to use.

Kajabi is definitely a good platform to look into if you have the budget to go for it. Let us compare the two platforms in detail.

Kajabi Pricing

Full Comparison of features

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