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New Zenler Vs. Mighty Networks


New Zenler, a fairly new name that course creators have started to notice recently, is a powerful tool that beats all the mighty networks in the existing market, a very simple and easy to use software that engages new course creators to just create and sell their very first online course or training.

What is New Zenler?

As the name suggests, New Zenler is an updated, refined, and feature-packed version of the "old" Zenler or just Zenler. New Zenler is the ideal solution to create, market, and sell your online courses and memberships. It has everything and more than a course creator needs to get started. It is the first-ever "All in one" platform where you can design, create, market, and sell your course with just Zenler. With its attractive pricing and the beta offer that still is valid, it becomes a very hefty competition for the existing might networks like Kajabi, Podia, Kartra, Teachables, etc.

Why would I even consider New Zenler?

Price to features ratio. New Zenler has tons of stuff going on inside. It has a course builder where you can design and create your course curriculum, a page builder to create the sales pages and landing pages for your best selling course, marketing tools like funnels and email to create and launch your email marketing strategies, Live capabilities to deliver Live classes and webinars to the public and your students, blog to write down your thoughts and updates, the website builder to ditch WordPress and go all-in with New Zenler and lot more. It is "the" platform that will fulfill all your needs as a course creator.

Let us dig deeper into all the stuff that New Zenler does.

New Zenler Pricing

Course Builder

New Zenler has a very simple and easy-to-use course builder. You can create a course in just minutes and everything links itself together very well that you don't have to worry about broken content or pages.
As part of the course builder, you will be able to set up the curriculum, in the curriculum, you can add content like Videos, PDFs, Powerpoint files, Downloadables, Quizzes, Surveys, and with some HTML knowledge you can add custom objects.
A course also comes with its Sales funnel so that it's ready to go. You can find the sales funnel under the pages section for the course. A typical New Zenler sales funnel comes with a Sales page to promote the course, a Checkout page to accept the payment, Thank you page where users create an account with your site, and a Course access page where your enrollees can access the course curriculum.
New Zenler also has automation which includes sending automatic emails to students based on different triggers and dripping the course content to only release the course part by part.

Start your free trial

Get your New Zenler school up and running today. No CC required. Pro plan users also get free migration support.

Course builder

Page Builder

Another very advanced yet simple feature of New Zenler is its Darg and Drop page builder. It is very simple to create attractive and professional websites just with this Page builder. Another great thing is it's the same page builder across the site, which means you get the full capabilities of the builder for designing a simple landing page or the complete website.

The page builder also has advanced features like custom CSS which, if you are an HTML-CSS nerd, can be used to make the pages even more professional, customized, and technical. For HTML beginners you can add custom HTML blocks within the pages to add custom content or embed something like a YouTube video. It is also capable of inserting tracking code for your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or any other third-party tools that you wanna use.

Page Builder

Marketing Funnels

New Zenler is also made ready to market your courses or products. It has an in-built funnel builder where you can create and deploy multiple-step marketing funnels to promote your courses. Even if it's a simple lead magnet funnel or a 10 step video series funnel, New Zenler has it covered. It also has pre-designed templates for the landing and the thank you page that you can insert with a single click on the mouse, change the content, add your videos or lead magnet and the funnel is ready.
It also tracks the conversion from one step to the other within the funnel and you won't need to subscribe to a third-party platform for this.

It also has automation that can be used based on triggers like sign-ups for a lead magnet. When people put in their name and email address in one of your landing pages, you can add people to your email list and send out automatic emails which are pre-designed as per your strategy to nourish and filter out your leads. It is the only platform you need!!

Lock in Beta Pricing

Free trial - no CC required. Paid plans include (Email marketing, Webinars, Three Custom Schools, Marketing Funnels, and, more)

marketing funnel

Live Classes

Another exclusive feature that you won't find on most of the other platforms is to do Live sessions with your students. On New Zenler, you can do Live classes for your students and also do interactive webinars for the public. So if you want to do a webinar funnel, New Zenler got you covered.

Live classes on New Zenler works through an integration through Zoom. When you create and start a Live class, it opens up the Zoom client on your end and you can start your sessions. Similarly for your attendees, it will open the zoom client and they can attend the session.

All the Zoom features are also available here so that you don't have to get a separate paid Zoom account which reduces the cost that you have to pay to run your online course business.

live classes


Guess what? you can blog through New Zenler. This is a revolutionary feature that you wouldn't find on any other platform. "All in one" platform really makes sense now, doesn't it? It is all that you need. It works like WordPress, Blogger, etc. You can post all types of content in your blogs and it will be laid out automatically on your site on a separate page.

Want To See The Student Experience?




You can create a community space for your students where they can post and interact with each other. It is like a private Facebook within New Zenler and it integrates very well with the course. Members can interact with each other, tag and mention other members, and post content like images, videos, comments, etc.

As an admin, you will have full control of all the content that people are posting in the community.


In short if you are looking for an affordable solution for your first online course, New Zenler is definitely the one to go. 


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