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Pricing Comparison between New Zenler and Systeme


New Zenler vs Systeme

New Zenler, established by Rakesh Vallil is a genuinely new expansion into the universe of online courses. There was the "old" Zenler, which had its reasonable commitment to course creators yet couldn't hold up when it came to what the opposition offers. Anyway New Zenler as the name recommends is the refreshed variant which is actually a distinct advantage for somebody who is going to enter the universe of web based educating.

New Zenler is actually an across the board stage. It has nearly all that an individual may need to get in the game and even dominate the match. it has a devoted web designer, course creation instrument, marketing funnels , reports, Live meetings and each and every other element that one require.

They have a solid community who are continually attempting to make the stage and the experience better.

Pricing may be one of the main part in case you are beginning as a course maker or a business owner and New Zenler is the least expensive choice out there with it's appealing 647$ yearly value plan which beats the whole contest with regards to the cost.

Zenler Pricing

Lock in Beta Pricing

Free trial - no CC required. Paid plans include (Email marketing, Webinars, Three Custom Schools, Marketing Funnels, and, more)

Systeme is also a new platform to host your courses, webinars and funnels. It works very similar to New Zenler and has similar features too. Systeme offers 3 paid pricing plans and a free one. The highest paid plan is priced at $828 a year and has all the features one might need to get started. 

The free plan does not have a trial period so you can definitely test out the platform and make the right decision.

While comparing with New Zenler, on a pricing point of view New Zenler is cheaper but Systeme is very smooth and has very less bugs compared to Zenler. New Zenler also have a slight edge when it comes to the features it offers for the price and a strong community to discuss and support course creators. Check out the full comparison below.

Pricing Comparison between New Zenler and Systeme

Full Comparison of features

Start your free trial

Get your New Zenler school up and running today. No CC required. Pro plan users also get free migration support.


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