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Top 5 New Zenler Features For Online Course Creators


Let's look into the top 5 New Zenler features for online course creators which help it stand out among its competitors. New Zenler being new to the LMS world has had a lot of fresh updates and additions to its features list. It is one of the best platforms out there which offers so many features for course creators at an affordable price point.

Here are the features that make it a great option to consider building your online courses and website.

1. Page Editor.

The page editor in New Zenler has so many options with a lot of pre-built blocks and custom blocks. The page editor is one of the main reasons why people choose New Zenler.

It is a simple "drag and drop" editor that anyone can learn in no time. You can either start building everything from scratch or use the pre-built blocks. New Zenler has a bunch of pre-built blocks which you can use for almost everything.

The ability to add custom CSS and HTML is a bonus if you want to go in pro mode and customise the page.

Page Editor in New Zenler

Another great thing about New Zenler uses the same editor to edit any page. Let it be a sales page for your course, any of the website pages, a landing page for a marketing funnel, or a booking page for your live classes, you have the full editor capability.

Here are some of the pages that we have created on New Zenler for our
Template Library.

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2. Built-in Countdown Timers

Another great feature to have is the ability to add countdown timers to the page. This is helpful if you are offering a sale or a limited period discount where you want to display the time that is left for people to purchase your course. Countdown timers are a great way to create urgency among potential customers.

Countdown timer in editor

There are a bunch of options for the timers as well such as-

  • A lot of pre-built timer blocks to select from and they all can be customised later on.
  • The countdown timer can be attached to the top of the page so that when people scroll through your page, the time stays at the top.
  • The ability to create an Evergreen timer, this type of timer stays on the page forever and starts the timer for each potential customer when they first land on the page. This could replace other funnel tools like deadline funnels. New Zenler already has it in for you course creators out there.

Here are some of the timer blocks available on New Zenler.

Countdown timer options

3. Communities

Communities are a great way for increasing engagement for your courses.
A community in New Zenler is a place where all and only your students can come, hang out, share their thoughts, ask questions, etc. It's like a private social media platform within New Zenler where your students can interact with each other.
Course creators also use the community to host events and activities for the students and also for some announcements that they want to deliver to their students.


New Zenler communities work similar to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where people can post what they are feeling, post photos, post videos, ask questions, tag and mention other students, etc. It can also be set up to match your site's branding with custom color schemes and cover images.
Communities are always associated with membership and if you are selling a membership on your website, it is a must-have feature that you can market.

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4. Integration with Zoom

Want to do Live classes for your students? New Zenler has got your back there as well. It integrates with Zoom directly which helps course creators schedule live classes with the students, run live interactive webinars, and also do live directly to Facebook and Youtube. This is a premium feature and is only included in the paid plans.
For creating Live classes and webinars you won't need a Zoom account and then integrate with New Zenler. Everything happens in New Zenler.
You can go to the Live section of your school to check out the various options. Here is a post on how to set up Live classes on Zenler from our blog, give it a read.


Other features with Live sessions in New Zenler include the ability to create recurring sessions, have a separate registration funnel for your Live classes, and add a "Live Classes" or "Live Webinar" block on any of the pages to display the upcoming Live sessions.

The best part about this is that everything will be hosted in one single system and you wouldn't need to integrate any third-party tool to sync up everything. For example, if you want to send out an email to one of your students who has attended a Live session and subscribed to a certain funnel, it is very simple to do in New Zenler without any third-party tools or services.

5. Blogging

Thinking about WordPress to blog? New Zenler has got that too. Blogging is one of the latest addition to its premium features and is only available if you go with a paid plan. This gives course creators the ability to write, publish and share their thoughts as blogs directly through New Zenler.

Blogging in New Zenler

And the main advantage is the simplicity of things on New Zenler, it is really easy to write and publish blogs on New Zenler. It is hosted as a separate section as "blog" and not mixed with the website pages and contents.

Also, you can have complete control over the looks and branding of your blog. It can be set up to match the rest of the website and also you can use the page builder to create beautiful well laid out blog posts that stand out. You need to do some additional work to make this happen but it is explained in New Zenler's tutorials and is very easy to set up.

We cannot compare the blog feature on New Zenler and on other advanced platforms like WordPress as the whole idea behind the blog feature on New Zenler is to make it easier for course creators to create blogs, which it does really well.

New Zenler really is an all-in-one platform where you can host your online courses, have marketing funnels and email broadcasts for promoting your courses, have a full-fledged website with a blog section, and set up live classes and webinars with your students.

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