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How to set up a video marketing funnel in New Zenler


Let us create a marketing funnel New Zenler and particularly a "Video Series" marketing funnel. This is a type of funnel that will offer a video series on the landing page and the video can only be played until people sign up with their email. Once they sign in, they can watch the video series one by one. Let us look at how you can create one in New Zenler.

Creating the video marketing funnel in New Zenler

Creating a video marketing funnel in New Zenler is similar to creating a lead magnet and very easy. Let us look into the steps.

Step 1: Open your New Zenler dashboard and click on "Marketing Funnels" at the top menu and then click on "Create New Funnel".

How to set up a video marketing funnel in New Zenler

Step 2: Select "Video Series" for the funnel type on the next page.

In the funnel type select video series funnel

Step 3: New Zenler will ask you to input the funnel name, the videos, and the product that you want to promote at the end of the funnel.

You can ignore the product part if you don't want to promote a product.

Add the details for the funnel

Step 4: Add the videos that are part of this funnel in the required order. For demonstration, I am adding 3 videos into my funnel.

I have added three videos and a full course as the product3

Step 5: Once you have added all the required videos, click on "Next" to select a theme for your funnel

Select a theme and then click on finish

Step 6: New Zenler has a few themes available for you to select from. You can select anyone now. You can not switch the theme later, but you can modify the pages.

That's it. You have created a video series funnel on New Zenler.

Let us move further into the funnel now.

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Modifying the Pages in the Funnel.

You can use the full capacity of New Zenler's page builder to design the funnel pages if you don't like the default theme. To edit the pages, you can open the pages in the editor mode and make the changes.

Funnel steps will be shown you can edit each step by opening it in the editor
Change the appearance of the elements

While making changes, there are a few things that could make the funnel better like tagging.

To add a tag to the leads for this funnel, 

Step 1: Find the form submit button and click on its settings.

In the example that I have shown, the submit button is in the popup.

change the form submit button settings

Step 2: On the settings menu at the right you will find the place to add more details such as add them to an email list, add to another funnel, and at last you will see the input section for the tags. You can add one or multiple tags separated by commas.

Step 3: Make sure that you have set your "Post submit action" to go to the next step, which is the first video in the video series funnel.

Please note that if you are making changes in one funnel page, make sure that you do the same in all the pages in the funnel.

Let us now see how you can add automatic email sequences to this funnel.

Setting up Automations for the funnel in New Zenler

To access the automation section,

Step 1: Click on the "Automations" tab in the funnel page and click on "Edit Automation Rules"
Open edit automation rules

Step 2: On the next page you will see some default emails by New Zenler. You can modify the details and content to create your emails. This is similar to the one in the Courses, Live, and Email Broadcasts.

Add or remove or changes emails

Don't forget to make the emails Live and make sure to test the emails by previewing and sending them to your mailbox before you make the emails live.

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Sharing the funnel in New Zenler.

Once you have completed setting up the funnel it is time to share it with your potential customers or add it to the CTA of your Facebook or Google Ads.

To access the funnel URL, you can go to the "Funnel Details" tab on the funnel page. You can change the URL to make it sound good and then copy the URL.

Get the funnel link and share

Please make sure to preview the funnel in both desktop and mobile versions and test it out with your email to confirm everything works before sharing the funnel.

Where can I find the leads to the funnel?

to see the people who signed up, click on leads

Once you have successfully implemented the funnel you can access the leads section by clicking on the "Leads" tab on the funnel page. This will take you to the "People" section in New Zenler and New Zenler will automatically apply some filters to show the leads that are part of the current funnel.

New Zenler will show the leads

You can add more advanced filters to view the list in more details.

New Zenler has a bunch of filters available where you can filter out people based on almost everything from their role to based on their behaviour on a particular. That is what makes New Zenler an all in one platform.

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